by small rooms

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released June 26, 2016

Recorded by Ben Knightbus
Mixed and Mastered by Marc-André Beaudet
Shirtless bass playing by Xavier Bourassa
Photos by Kelly Jacob



all rights reserved


small rooms Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: old ways
I was afraid
You wanted to go
But in the end
I'd rather be alone

It was crazy to let you in
I should've stuck to my old ways
Staying in bed all day,
Don't want to leave,
And don't want you to join in,
In any way
This comfort you bring
Doesn't make me want to stay
I'm leaving this place

All this time
We spent together
Doesn't make that much sense now
It feels like we never even met at all

I am afraid
You have to go
And in the end,
I'm better on my own
But sometimes I
Still ask myself why

You want me away
In every single ways
When you promised you'd stay
In any way I'd need
Track Name: glued
It's hard for me to admit
It'll never be the same
But I'm glad you took your chance
But it'll never be way it used to be
Now everything feels strange

And I don't seem to be confortable
In this room anymore
I used to fit in perfectly
Breathe by your side, perfectly

I already miss us
We used to be so close
Now I can't even see you
How have you been these pasts months?
Did you find some more sleep?
Did you find your beliefs?
Tell me everything
Like you used to

I miss having you around
Talking about everything
Always hanging out
Do you remember that day in my car?
When we shared our fears
We both went in tears
Knowing somethings better would come
Because we had us

I already miss you
We used to be glued
Now I can't even see you
How have you been all this time?
I have so much to tell you
Nobody listens like you do
I need to tell you

You've earned all my trust
But now it's kind of lost
And don't go thinking it's because of your choice
But for your lack of presence
Your absence sickens me
I miss you dearly